Impas - The Perfect Fit

About us

Our employees feel a strong connection with IMPAS. Naturally, this is a matter of pride for us. This ensures a strong team that is ready to serve you at all times.

We work with professions

We go for the top talent. This means that factors such as age play no role at IMPAS. Our professionals come from all over.

Some, for example, obtained qualifications in metal construction and shipbuilding. These specialists do their practical training with us. Afterwards, we often see an opportunity for them in our team. We also take on professionals who are seeking new employment due to the fact that their previous employer has become insolvent or is restructuring. We are interested in professionals who do not have permanent contracts due to their age. Everyone is more than welcome to join us. We look at you and your talents. Nothing more.

Sales and production planning

Hans Sprik

Hans Sprik started out in the Sales office and worked his way up to Head of the Business Office and finally to Managing Director. Hans: ‘I have a wonderful, diverse group of people around me and we all work together.’

Karl Heinz Lohmann

Karl Heinz Lohmann joined our company as a foreman. He is about to retire, but still enjoys his work every day. Karl: ‘I keep a close eye on quality. That’s why it’s important for me to be in the shop a lot and to take a look at the work.’

Work planning and purchasing

Richard Bakker

Richard Bakker used to work at IMPAS as a temp. After that, Hans asked him to join the company as a work planner. Richard: ‘It’s a great feeling when a project runs flawlessly through our production process’

Erik van Hoorn

Erik van Hoorn was hired as a warehouse employee, and later got the opportunity to go into project procurement. Erik: ‘I think the great thing about this company is the sense of belonging and the feeling of comradeship. Everyone is equal.’

Pre-processing and machining

Jase Balootje

Jase Balootje was put to work behind a saw bench without any knowledge or experience. He has since gained new skills and become a bender. Jase: ‘I really enjoy it here.’

Henk Jansema

Henk Jansema’s heart is in metalworking, and he still arrives every day with a spring in his step. Henk: ‘I’m proud that I’ve never received a single complaint about my work. The clients have always been satisfied.’

Michael Lohmann

Michael Lohmann came to us as a saw operator through a temp agency. We trained him in-house as a bender. Michael: ‘The atmosphere and my co-workers are great.’

Jan Oost

Jan Oost also came from a temp agency. He makes sure the saw pieces are presented correctly and get to the fitter on time. Jan: ‘I have great colleagues, and we can always solve any problems together.’

Fitting and welding

Jeroen Bode

Jeroen Bode trained as a construction fitter/welder and joined IMPAS as a welder. Jeroen: ‘The atmosphere is nice. Everyone is friendly with each other.’

Stefan Zwier

Stefan Zwier found IMPAS through an apprenticeship and stayed on as a pipe fitter. He was then trained in-house as a module builder. Stefan has now found his place, and will soon be the new foreman in the workshop. Stefan: ‘The work is full of variety, and I get a lot of enjoyment out of it.’

Henk Weeke

Henk Weeke got the call for a job in the welding department while on holiday. He’s now with us full-time as assistant foreman. He also mentors young people during their apprenticeships (‘BBL’ programmes). Henk: ‘I think it’s important for young people to get into technical fields, and I enjoy mentoring them.’

Daniël Bosscher

Daniël Bosscher started as a pipe fitter trainee and is now a fully-fledged pipe fitter. He switches between fitting and welding. Daniël: ‘The work is challenging and varied.’

Final inspection

Peter Verstappen

Peter Verstappen started at IMPAS as a bender. He advanced within the company and ultimately achieved the position of quality controller. When things get busy, he’s still happy to step in as a bender. Peter: ‘I like working here and we have a great group of people in the team.’