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IMPAS Piping

We offer our clients a variety of piping types – general piping, precision piping and double-walled piping. We also offer piping assembly services, such as for a Gas Valve Unit (GVA) or Ballast Unit (GA).

General piping

We produce general piping for the shipbuilding, process and equipment building sectors. This piping is used in engine room systems and loading systems, as well as on dredging vessels. We also produce shipbuilding pipes and piping for gas detection and water treatment.

Precision piping

We use precision piping when small tolerances are required. We produce this piping to an accuracy of one tenth of a millimetre. We use specially designed surface plates in this process. We are also capable of providing pressure testing and piping preservation services. Precision piping is often used in engine building and in the gearbox and equipment industries. This type of piping is mostly used in gas inlets, dual fuel inlets, lubricating oil pipes, hydraulics, cooling water pipes, fuel pipes, starting air pipes and pipes that carry exhaust gases.

Double-walled piping

Double-walled piping is used in applications that require additional safety and control. The outer pipe catches any leaks in the inner pipe. The space between the inner and outer pipes is closely monitored. As soon as you detect something there, you know something is wrong. Double-walled pipe sections are often used in high-pressure fuel lines in engines. They may also be used to carry fuels with a low flashpoint. Some examples of such fuels would include petrol, kerosene, LPG or natural gas.


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