Impas - The Perfect Fit

What sets us apart

We are proud to be one of only a few companies in the Netherlands with a T-drill machine (HD-TEC-150) in-house. These machines are manufactured by the Finnish company T-drill. Only a few T-drill machines are currently in use in the Netherlands.

More about the T-drill machine

The Finnish company behind these machines is a true specialist in the area of pipe processing machinery. They produce portable and industrial T-forming machines, also known as collaring machines. T-drill’s machines are suitable for processing stainless steel, carbon steel and cunifer. IMPAS uses the T-drill HD-TEC-150. This machine provides substantial cost savings and reduces weld times – plus we no longer have to procure T-pieces.


De T-drill HD-TEC-150 in action

HD-TEC-150 specifications

The HD-TEC-150 is a collaring machine for butt-weld collaring. This variant is suitable for the following materials: stainless steel, steel and cunifer. The HD-TEC-150 offers a high collaring capacity and features automated work cycles for cutting the pilot hole and suspending a pipe. You control these automated operations using an interactive control panel. The entire process, from milling the pilot hole to trimming the collar, is handled at a single workstation.

The benefits of the T-drill HD-TEC-150

The main benefits of T-drills are:

  • The machine uses just one joint, instead of the typical three.
  • The machine reduces the risk of leaks, thanks to proper flow-through and a high degree of reliability.
  • The machine reduces waste materials.
  • The machine brings down production costs.

Come marvel at the T-drill

Want to see the T-drill live in action? Feel free to pay us a visit!